Happy Halloween & May the Force Be With You

Happy Halloween, everyone! It was a complete success this year! Each of my children dressed as a different Star Wars character. We’re proud geeks in this family and they love Star Wars. Cadence dressed as Rey. I even did her hair to complete the look. Jack was Luke Skywalker. He looked awesome and was so enthusiastic about it. Ava was Princess Leia and she slayed.


We walked Main Street and they received treats from lots of local businesses and emergency workers. Afterwards, we visited their grandma. She gave them so much candy that trick or treating elsewhere was completely unnecessary. We finished the night with a stop by a good friend’s house. They received a bit more candy and we headed home for the night.


The kids are all tucked in now and resting up for school tomorrow. I hope you all had the happiest of Halloweens! Check out the photos of my kids below!


Cadence as Rey ©Simply Quinn
Cadence as Rey ©Simply Quinn
All Dressed Up ©Simply Quinn
Jack as Luke Skywalker ©Simply Quinn
Ava as Princess Leia ©Simply Quinn
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Worst Week Ever

Blanket Fort
©Simply Quinn 2016

I am fairly certain that last week was the worst week ever. It was one of those weeks where everything goes wrong. I considered running away a few times, but I didn’t.

It started on Sunday. While I was at work, I missed the ten phone calls from my husband. Looking at my phone, I saw that there were also a few text messages from him. My 4-year-old, who should have been at church, was in the ER. “They’re saying she may need stitches.” I immediately called him to see what was going on. She had hit her head at church. I told my manager that I needed to go and ran. I literally ran; from the back hallway of my job to the door of my car. I made it to the hospital in record time and just in time for the doctor to be prepping for stitches. I looked at my daughter and gasped when I saw the deep gash in her forehead. The doctor asked me to hold her hands down so he could inject the anesthesia before starting on her stitches, so I walked over to her side and grabbed her hands. In a clear “I’m not having any of that” gesture, she released my hands and brought my face down to her chest. When he got to the stitches, she screamed the entire time. It wasn’t just typical screaming, though. It was better than that. She was screaming that she wanted doughnuts and pancakes. Finishing up, we were released and I immediately took her to get her prescriptions and let my bosses know that I wouldn’t be finishing my shift. I felt like she needed me more. Sunday was rough and even frightening, but we survived it.

Cadence ©Simply Quinn 2016
Cadence ©Simply Quinn 2016

I lost my debit card somewhere during the events of Sunday. The power bill was due and our electricity was just two days from being cut off. After a couple of hours of searching, I still hadn’t found it, so I ordered a new one. The new one got here in time to make a payment (and I found the one that was lost). Unfortunately, they still turned off the electricity. I called them to see why they had turned it off and explained that I had the receipt from making a payment. The payment hadn’t reflected on the account.  Even though I had proof of payment, they couldn’t help me. I called my mom, freaking out. She made a payment and the electricity came back on within the same hour.

During the same couple of days, I learned that my aunt had been rushed to the hospital. She was on life support and things weren’t looking good. I spent 24 hours being in constant contact with my family back home, waiting, and worrying. She had lost quite a bit of oxygen and had an infection. Her kidneys and bladder had already shut down. The prospects were grim at best. I received a call from my cousin on Wednesday. She had started breathing on her own. A couple of hours later, I got a text from them. She had woken up and she was laughing. My mom keeps me updated on her progress.

At the end of the week, I lost our grocery money. It was the last bit of money that we really had. How could I have lost it? We had $12 and seven days to go, not including the weekend. I used the $12 to get a few necessities. Pay day will come and things will get better, but they really didn’t have to get so bad.

If you’re ever having a bad week, breathe and remember: It’s just a bad week, not a bad life.


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