Favorite Look of the Week: January 1st to January 7th

My Favorite Look This Week

I’ve gotten to where I do my makeup everyday, even if there’s no reason to do it. I don’t have to be going anywhere or doing anything special. For me, it’s about staying in practice to master various techniques. After all, practice makes perfect. My favorite look of the week for this week came after days of practicing the “cut crease” technique. After all of that practice, my look just came together perfectly and I was so satisfied. And to make things even better, the photo I took was one of the best that I have ever taken of myself.

So, here it is. My most satisfying look of the week:

Look of the Week
Look of the Week, January 1st through the 7th

There’s nothing about this look that I don’t like. It turned out perfect and it lasted through a 9 hour day at work. That’s some serious staying power!



Products Used:

You’ll see me mention e.l.f. products a lot. They are some of my very favorite because of both the price point and the quality. It’s not that I haven’t experienced other brands, because I have. I just really love most of e.l.f.’s product line. While I’m talking about e.l.f., if you’re never tried their Makeup Lock & Seal, you definitely should. It helps bring make most eyeshadows look bolder in color and keeps it in place all day.

Stay beautiful,

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