Look of the Week: March 4th-March 11th

Look of the Week: Just for Fun

My favorite look this week came to me while watching “Skin Wars”. I wanted to do something bold and colorful. Bold, bright eye shadows are probably my favorite. They allow for so much more creativity than neutrals. Of course, they aren’t considered suitable for everyday wear by most people, but they make such a statement that I find it hard to care.

Look of the Week

Creating the Look

My brows were the first thing I did. They usually are. It’s a shame that they aren’t actually visible without filling them in. I have eyebrows, they’re just too light in color to actually see. Using tape, I created the line where I wanted the shadow on my brow bone to stop. The first color used was a metallic white. I applied it to my entire lid, up to my eyebrow. Next, I went in with a bright green from the inner corner to right around the middle of my brow bone. From the middle of my brow bone to the outer corner, I used a bold blue. Make sure you blend the colors in the middle before moving on.

A light pink was used on the inner corner of my lid and was blended out to the darker pink that you see on the outer corner. I went in with a bold purple on the lower lash line/waterline. To complete the look, I used a black liquid liner and black mascara. I love the way this looked. It was so much fun. The only real issue is that my camera had a really hard time capturing just how good it looks. It was so much better in person. One of those things you just had to see.

Products Used

I hope you like this look. Let me know what you think in the comment section!


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