Who is Quinn?


cropped-SimplyQuinn.pngGreetings, everyone!

My name is Quinn. I love books, shoes, makeup, clothes, photography, and video games. I’m a thinker and a dreamer. I’m loud, goofy, and almost perpetually happy. I live in northwestern Oklahoma with my husband and our three crazy children. I say they’re crazy but, honestly, they light up my world. As cliché as it sounds, I genuinely could not imagine a day of my life without those guys. Everyday is an adventure; a new list of reasons to worry, to rejoice, to wish they’d just stop growing. My journey with them started when I was 20 years old. I had no idea what I was even doing. I got pregnant for the wrong reason. Let me tell you, ladies. Don’t ever get pregnant just because your friends are doing it! That’s just not a good enough reason.

Ava was born the day after Thanksgiving in 2007 and just a couple of months after my 21st birthday. That’s right! She was awesome enough to wait until I was through with putting myself into a food-induced coma and came the next day instead. For reasons that I won’t get into, her dad wasn’t able to be there. My mom was though and she made the transition into motherhood so much easier than it could have been. She shared in my sleepless nights. Sometimes she went without sleep just so I could rest. She made me these super nutritional breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to ensure that I was staying nourished. She was (and still is) my hero.

Eighteen quick months later, my son was coming into the world. We named him Colin, but I’ve always called Jack. At just one week into his beautiful existence, he contracted meningitis. We spent a good few days in the hospital with IVs placed in his heel. Thankfully, it wasn’t the really bad kind and I was able to take my sweet boy back home with me. As a baby, he was definitely the hardest of the three. Colic made both the days and nights a bit of a nightmare. He was so unhappy and I don’t even blame him.

After a few years of constant disagreements and an unwillingness on his part to remain faithful in our relationship, I left their dad. I wanted something better for my kids and, quite selfishly, something better for myself. We all deserve someone who loves us; someone who wants just us. Their dad, determined to make sure that I suffered, took the kids to his house for Easter shortly after our split. On my way to pick them up after a meeting at work, he broke the news that he wouldn’t be allowing me to come pick up my babies. For several months after, he refused to let me even speak to them on the phone.

During that time, I met someone. He was tall and skinny, a nerd to say the very least, and treated me like a queen. We met online through the massively multiplayer online role-playing game called World of Warcraft. He was stationed in South Korea with the United States Army and I was living in a small town in North Carolina. After relocating to Fort Hood, Texas, I went down to meet him in person. One weekend there and we were inseparable, for the most part. He took leave that summer and came to visit me. While he was there, I had a court date to which he accompanied me. He was incredibly supportive the entire time and, when I was given permission to leave with my children, he carried both of them out of the courthouse in his arms.

A year and a half later, he and I were married. Within a span of a week, we discovered that I was pregnant, we found a house, and he left for Afghanistan. I was an emotional wreck for the first few days. Thankfully, though, morning sickness and toddlers don’t afford you the time that it takes to really stay that way. We talked as often as we could. He usually managed to call on days that I had prenatal check-ups. In February, he came home for R&R. Cadence was born while he was home and, when she was just four days old, he left to go back. A few months later, he was home for good and I was ecstatic. We finally had the opportunity to really start our lives together. We’ve had so many ups and downs since then, but I feel like it’s made us into what we are. He pisses me off to high hell some days and there are times when I absolutely can’t stand him, but I love him. I feel like all of the awful fights have served to make our relationship stronger than we could have ever imagined because we’ve always refused to give up on each other.

So that’s me. That’s Quinn.